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Institutional mechanism to run the projects/programs

Institutional mechanism to run the projects/programs

NGO has very clear working structure in the district. General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate decision making body responsible for approval of policy, budget, program and review the progress both physical and financial. The G A holds meeting once a year. The Treasurer Committee formed under GA is responsible for proper execution of financial process and procedures The Executive Board (ED) inclusive in representation is responsible for execution of approved plans and program and run day to day administration. ED has two components one Finance and Administration another is Program Units headed by Program Coordinators (PC). ED holds periodic meeting. ED together with Monitoring Committee also holds meeting with PCs to update the progress; and organize field visits for monitoring Executive Body supported with PCs are responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and coordination of sector program. NGO has deputized one Facilitator to each program VDC to facilitate CBOs in planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination for smooth implementation o f VDC level plan. CBOs with the support of Facilitators develop action planning a participatory way to address strategic issue which is incorporated in NGOs Annual Plan. The Annual Plan for the next year will be submitted to GA following proper channel for approval.