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Funding Mechanism

Funding Mechanism

Funds are received in the respective Project Account. A petty cash account not exceeding NPR 5000 is maintained for small expenses. Transactions are generally made through Bank Cheques. Books of Account are maintained following standard practices. Monthly financial reports are produced and shared with the relevant stakeholders.

Type of Inputs (Financial, Advocacy, TA, Others) 
The type of inputs provided by ECDF is governed by the provisions of the project/program being implemented. Besides providing financial and technical inputs for different program activities, ECDF is also involved in advocacy, conflict issues, Value chain addition, Peace Action, Capacity Building and awareness raising.

Source of Funds 

ECDF raises its funds in the following ways:

  • Membership fees
  • Individual donations
  • Donor’s support
  • Grant Funding accessed
  • Training Fees
  • Rents from equipment and training halls
  • Kind and labour contribution of the beneficiaries
  • Support from DDC and VDCs