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Great Himalaya Trail Development Program (GHTDP)


Rural Enterprises Assistance Program (REAP)

Period :2003-2008

ECDF has implemented Rural Enterprises Assistance Program (REAP) with the funding suport of Industrial Enterprises Development Institute in 4 VDCs since 2003. The program focuses to strengthen capacity of CBOs members on micro-business creation and development. It has mobilized groups saving. 

23 different business development training organised, 160 business created and 126 business are running. 


Rural Energy Development Program (REDP)

ECDF has been working with District Development Committee, Taplejung from 2001 as implementing partner for social mobilization programme for rural energy development Program. The objective of the program is to strengthen community organization in planning, resource mobilizing, implementing and running of micro-hydro project successfully. 

Output : 86 CBO formed and 4 Water Users Committee registered at District Water resource Committees and 94 KW generated, 2 irrigation canal constructed and used for Micro-hydro power. 


Biodiversity Promotion and Sustainable Cardamom Farming Programme funded by GEF-SGP/UNDP

ECDF has implemented the programme in 3 VDCs as Pilot Project with the objective of promoting bio-diversity and drying technologies in cardamom farming for sustainable production. The programme has supported to cardamom framers in building capacity of cardamom producers through different trainings, handing over environment friendly fuel efficient drying technologies and improved planting materials and fund as loan to improve their farm. A total of 300 HHs have benefited from the program. 

Output: 15 CBOs formed and strengthened, 45 improved drier installed, 3 farmers managed irrigation canal rehabilitated, Community Environment Fund Established 11 CBO benefited, 300 HHs trained on improved practices of cardamom farming and Resource Material developed and disseminated. 


Decentralised Rural Infrastructures and Livelihood Improvement Program (DRILP)

ECDF has been providing consultancy support in association with national consultant in community development program for Gupha Sanghu sub-project under DRILP. 

Output: Socio-economic survey report of the sub-project area prepared, Resettlement Plan prepared and executed, 24 Building Groups formed, community development plan and supplementary investment plan developed in a participatory ways for 2008. 

11 Oct

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