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Environment Conservation and Development Forum (ECDF), Taplejung popularly known as Vatabaran, has established in 1996, with initiatives of creative students of Pathivara Campus setting primary objectives to initiate actions for ecological balance, develop and conserve natural resources. 

 1.     Name of the organization

               Environment Conservation and Development Forum (ECDF)

2.    Year of Establishment:
               2053 B.S. (1997 A.D)

3.     Address

             Fungling-4, Taplejung
             Mechi         Nepal
                Tel: 977-24-460464/460162

                Fax: 977-24-460464



4.     Affiliation

            VAT/PAN N 300994227

            Affiliation with SWC 19580

            Registered at District administration 90

EU Reference EuropeAid/125-388/ACT/NP


5.      Contact Person
             Kumar Siwa,             

             977-24-460464 /9842656189

             Chandraprakash bhattarai 9742629683


6.     Objectives of the Forum

ECDF was established in 1996 A.D.  by  youths of Taplejung district with the following objectives

Ø  To initiate actions for ecological balance

Ø  To implement Community Development activities

Ø  To implement income generating program.

Ø  Institutional Development and Promotion

Ø  To mobilize Professional Volunteers.

Ø  Protection and promotion of Human rights.


7. Membership Status:

            General  Members               Executive   Members

·       Female                           27                  4

·       Male                              42                  7

·       Total                              69                  9


8.   Physical Properties of the Organization

1.     Computer                                    5

2.     Printer                                        3

3.     Laptop                                        5

4.     Photocopy                                   2

5.     UPS                                            2

6.     Office table                                 10

7.     General Chair                              85

8.     Wheel Chair                                5

9.     File Cabinet                                3

10. Cup board                                    5

11. White Board                                 4

12. Push Pin Board                             4

13. Telephone                                    4

14. Computer Table                            8

15. Land for Housing                          1 ropani

16. Land for Charaito Nursery             5.0 ropani

17. Land and office building traning center and 18  room for office


9.   Details of Implemented Programmes:


Sunce its establishment in 2053 B.S. ECDF has successfully implemented a large number of programs with the support from different GOs, NGOs, INGOs and other partner organization. The Forum has a long experience of implementing different programs related to Social Mobilization, Capacity Building, Skill Development, Water Supply, Renewable Energy, NTFP, Health and Sanitation, Good Governance. Human Rights, Conflict Management, Suatainable Cardamom Farming, Green Road and other sectors of rural development. The table below states the different programs successfully completed by the organization with the support from different partner organizations.

10.  Executive Committee


11. Human Resource Position:

12. Organizational Structure of ECDF




DPC                                           District program Coordinator

Eng.                                           Engineer

FC                                              Field Coordinator

GHTDP                                       The Great Himalaya Trail Development Program

LCDP                                          Large Cardamom development Program         

LGCDP                                        Local Governance and Community Development Program

PAF                                             Poverty Alleviation Found

PC                                              Program Coordinator

REDP                                          Rural Energy Development Program

RWSSP                                       Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

SMC                                           Social Mobilization Coordinator

SMs                                            Social Mobilizers

Sup                                            Supervisor

Tech.                                          Technician

TL                                              Team Leader

SW                                             Sanitator Worker


13. References


1.     Samriddha Pahad UK
        Chakupat-10, Lalitpur, Nepal

        Phone :  +977-1-5260585, 5260270, 5261719
        Email :


2.     International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

        Khumaltar, Lalitpur

        Kathmandu, Nepal

        G.P.O. Box 3226

        Tel: ( 977 ) 1 5003222

        Fax: (977) 1 5003299, 5003277